20-cent burgers cause frenzy at Philippine burger joint: Reports


MANILA: Chaos and large crowds were seen inside several malls in the Philippines after local burger chain Zark’s Burgers announced it was selling its signature burger for 8 pesos (US$0.20) on Monday (Aug 28). 

The promotion, marking Zark’s 8th year anniversary, was only available for the first 80 customers who ordered the Ultimate Burger, which is originally priced at 145 pesos (US$2.80). 

Though the promotion was supposed to start at 10am, customers were lining up since 7am, according to local news outlet ABS-CBN. 

In a viral Facebook video that has been shared more than 5 million times, throngs of people were seen pushing, shoving and shouting to enter the burger joint. 

Some security personnel seen trying to control the crowds, but this had little effect. 

Many Netizens took to Twitter to express disappointment with the behavior of the customers.

The company later thanked its customers for “the mammoth response” and also apologised for the inconvenience the promotion had caused mall patrons. 



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