Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Weaponizing the census, weaponizing the court, weaponizing weapons


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You might note this morning that the format looks a little different than previous weeks, and not just because Daily Kos had a bit of a facelift this past week. I’m eternally looking for a better way to present what is, after all, a somewhat lengthy list of editorials and opinions, covering many different topics — almost all of which are sure to be important—without slighting any topic covered. 

Rather than organizing by topic, this week I’ve grouped the articles under their original source of publication. And I’ve kept the original titles for each article rather than try to derive something more descriptive, as I have in the past.

Will  I stick with this format next week? Likely not. But voice an opinion if you find this approach better or worse for you. 

The Guardian

Republicans rigged our democracy. Here’s how Democrats can fight back
David Farris 

Gerrymandering, the Citizens United atrocity that declared money is speech, blocking US supreme court nominations and obstructing legislation are some of the Republican party’s tactics. Depraved, racist voter ID laws that obviously target people who are likely to vote Democratic, and the cruel way that many states prevent current or former felons from voting, are others.

Farris also points out how the unequal weight given to tiny red states by the electoral college system makes it more difficult to repair the intentional damage Republicans have made — and continue to make — to democracy. If you were to compare the total population of Wyoming among the counties of the United States, it wouldn’t crack the top 100, but it still gets two Senators and a Representative. (In case you’re wondering, if you got everyone in Wyoming to stand together, they’d still be only the 32nd largest city in the US, behind Milwaukee).

Democrats, now that they are in the minority for the foreseeable future, must pay homage to their Republican overlords and use what little power they have to slow down legislation, turn the public against the Republican Congress, and then retake total power in 2018 and 2020. Then, what they must do with that power is to fundamentally alter key aspects of our political system that we take for granted but that are not, contrary to popular belief, outlined in the US constitution.

Always on a hunt for a new weapon to use against their greatest fear—one-person / one-vote—Republicans are keyed up over the idea of weaponizing the census in 2020 in an effort to both suppress voters and skew the allocation of House seats. But what’s most amazing about most Republican efforts to stop voters from voting, is just how blatant they are about their intentions.


USA News


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