Activists Around Globe Call to Close All US Military Bases


Activists around the world are calling for the closure of all U.S. military bases, planning to hold worldwide mobilizations on February 23.


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February 23 coincides with the 115th anniversary of the occupation of part of the territory of Guantanamo, Cuba by a U.S. naval base. On this day, groups around the world, and especially in the United States, plan to stage protests, rallies and disperse messages through media. Activists will also be using the following hashtags to spread awareness: #ReturnGuantanamotoCubaNow; #USOutofGuanatamo; #EEUUFueradeGuantanamo; #DevuelvanGuantanamoaCubaYa!.

The mobilizations are the culmination of the conference organized by the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, held at the University of Baltimore in the U.S. state of Maryland last month.

“The Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Bases unanimously calls upon the global peace movement to organize, on or around February 23, 2018, Actions calling for the United States to promptly withdraw all its forces and personnel from Guantánamo Bay and immediately declare ALL agreements ceding Cuban control of Guantánamo Bay to the U.S. to be null and void,” said the group’s final resolution.

The Cuban chapter of the International Committee for Peace, Justice and the Dignity has also called on organizations around the world to screen the documentary “All Guantanamo is Ours”, by filmmaker Hernando Calvo Ospina. The film explores how the Guantanamo Naval Base is a “permanent source of threat, provocation and a violation of Cuban national sovereignty”, reports Granma.

The United States has 860 military bases in 144 countries around the world.


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