Air fryer goals for the holidays


My default home-sick activity isn’t binging a show—it’s binging on recipes. The stack of cookbooks on my coffee table’s invariably bristling with sticky notes and bookmarks as a result. Then there’s my everyday browsing habit. Need a moment of peace? Bored in a waiting room? Skim a few new recipes. At any given time, I’ll have a dozen recipe tabs open on phone or laptop. Or both.

The most fun, of course, is when I’m reading up on a mission to learn how to prepare a previously unknown ingredient or deploy a new gadget. This year, the goal is to learn to optimize my air fryer usage. The applications are near infinite.

Here’s the science, from Kitchn:

It all comes down to the Maillard reaction. Air fryers work by circulating super-hot air mixed with tiny droplets of oil. The hot air plus oil combo helps quickly crisp up whatever you’re cooking and gives it a nice golden-brown color. This reaction is why foods that are browned often taste better, and it’s one of the reasons air fryers are so useful. 

Peek at this handy veggie-frying primer for overarching pointers that will serve you in good stead in such endeavors, and read on for specific (4.5-star or better-rated) recipe ideas. Remember, keto friends, that in most cases you can sub in parmesan mixed with pork rind “bread crumbs” rather than use flour or actual bread crumbs.


USA News


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