American students walk out in gun law protest


Thousands of students have walked out on classes across America to protest against the lack of gun control in America.

Youngsters were encouraged to leave school at 10am for 17 minutes, on minute for every victim of the Florida shooting in February.

More than 3000 separate walkouts were planned across America and other parts of the world.

Many students walked down Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House in order to make their point to those in power.

Chants of “Hey, hey, ho, ho. The NRA has got to go!” and “What do we want? Gun control! When do we want it? Now!” were heard as students made their voices heard.

The walkout was planned by Empower, the youth wing of the Women’s March, which brought thousands to Washington last year.

List of demands for politicians, including a ban on assault weapons and mandatory background checks for all gun sales were provided to students but they were also encouraged to form their own plans.

“Our elected officials must do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to this violence,” the organisation said on its website.

Some schools threatened students with punishments if they walked out during school hours.

Districts in Sayreville, New Jersey, and Maryland’s Harford County drew criticism this week when they said students could face punishment for leaving class.

In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas, some lawyers said they would provide free legal help to students who are punished.


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