Juan Ignacio “N” is being detained and investigated for probable responsibility in the murder of Roberto “N,” who was the rector of the Angelopolis University in the state capital, according to the State Attorney General’s office.

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According to the official report, investigations were carried out in order to gather initial evidence. With information obtained through witness testimonies and images from security cameras, it was determined that this afternoon Juan Ignacio “N” allegedly entered into the university.

The suspect, approximately 45 years old, allegedly entered the institution, in the Azcarate area of the city of Puebla, threatened the receptionist with a firearm, entered the rector’s office and shot him, causing his death.

The office of the Metropolitan Public Prosecutor has ordered the intervention of the Public Prosecutor’s office, and experts of the State Investigation Agency to carry out a full investigation.

Motive for the murder is still unknown, however 28 years ago the suspect was denied his professional visa when Roberto “N” disqualified Juan Ignacio “N” as a teacher.

Investigations by the Prosecutor General’s office are ongoing into the incident.

This isn’t the first time an official of the university has been murdered. In November 2013, the Vice Chancellor of Angelópolis University, Martín Román Núñez, died after a man shot him inside the school.



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