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Apple may have developed a taste for leaking its own products in recent years, but now we have a new iPhone leak I strongly doubt the company wanted out in the open…

Leaked 2019 iPhone schematic

Mr White / @laobaiTD

Anonymous industry insider ‘Mr White’ has continued his long history of leaking Apple products by revealing schematics for a next-generation iPhone. What they show is a chassis which more-or-less sticks with the current iPhone design, but features a new triple camera array.

Where should you look to see this? In the top left corner of the schematic, you will see three circular cut-outs and two square cut-outs. Historically, teardowns have shown Apple fits a camera module in the former and a microphone and flash in the latter.

Moreover, the schematics tie-in perfectly with leaks from OnLeaks (one of the industry’s most reliable insiders) and popular Japanese blog Macotakara. Fleshing the schematics out with renders, such as the one below, show the triple array is unlikely to result in Apple’s most attractive iPhone but the move is essential to keep up with rival devices from Samsung and Huawei.

Apple iPhone 11 render based on leaks


The one thing I believe Mr White has got wrong, however, is the model. He labels the schematics as the new iPhone XR but I (and others) believe he has mixed this up as it is the dual camera iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max which are tipped to step up to three cameras, it would be a huge shock if the single-camera iPhone XR jumped to a triple array after one generation.

Apart from this case of mistaken identity, however, I have little reason to doubt this leak is not on the money. It won’t make for Apple’s most exciting iPhone upgrade, but when combined with some crowd-pleasing battery plans it should still prove popular.

That said, with sales pressures mounting, Apple’s advanced plans for the so-called flexible ‘iPhone Fold’ would benefit from coming together sooner rather than later…  


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