Are the teachers’ strikes the beginning of a real worker revolt?


Teachers throughout the country complain about having to take two or more jobs beyond their teaching positions. That is a disservice not only to the teachers but the students. After all, an overworked teacher’s time is limited. It is exciting watching teachers throughout the country start asserting their worth by demanding a well-deserved pay increase.

Three stories come into play with our teachers and for that matter both public sector and to some extent private, sector. There are the tax story, the moral story and the economic story.

The tax story is one we repeat all of the time. Politicians can always find the money to pay for wars and military. Somehow they are consistently unable to fund social programs that do good, that invest in human beings. They reduce taxes that they know help a few, the least who need it, substantially. The pittance most of the masses get in return is not worth the pain both teachers, and ultimately their students must endure.

The morality story is self-evident. Teachers spend many hours with our most precious commodity, our children. In fact, many teachers spend more time with our kids than we do. How is it morally correct to redirect resources to corporations at the expense of our children? It is purely reprehensible.

The economic story is one that is not immediately evident. As politicians continue to invest less and less in education (teachers and overall expenditures) ultimately we get a less educated population. Those with means will buy their education. The country en masse becomes less intelligent and more subject to manipulation again by those with means. To some extent, America is in that condition where many continue to vote against their interests because of their inability to discern truth from deceptive, manipulative narratives.

These teachers’ strikes must be a catalyst of things to come. One should be proud of these teachers throughout every county in the state holding their ground. They are showing that the power is with the organized masses and it is for that reason that the Plutocracy using the tenets of the Powell Manifesto is investing in killing labor unions.

Americans must use the tools that have not yet been taken away by the plutocrats, social media and other online resources to organize. It is true that labor unions make organizing much more accessible. However, with governments finding ways to coerce labor unions out of existence or into ineffective organizations, decentralized grassroots organizing will make the next best option.

It is high time that teachers start demanding their worth. It is time for parents to be at their side as they are in charge of our most precious commodity several hours a day. And for that matter, it is time that all workers start asserting their worth. It is not the members of the plutocracy that produce. It is us.


USA News


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