Argentina: Telam Workers Continue Jobs Fight Despite Court Win


Over 350 Telam workers remain unemployed despite their triumph in the halls of the Argentine Court of Justice due to the noncompliance of Secretary of Labor Jorge Triaca.


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During a press conference 100 days after the mass dismissals that victimized hundreds of state media employees, activists denounced Triaca’s refusal to reinstate the journalists on September 7.

According to Mariano Suarez, spokesperson for the International Press Commission of Buenos Aires (Sipreba), the official is being fined for “judicial disobedience” but further action is planned.

“Now, we will advance the criminal complaint against Jorge Triaca for the crime of judicial disobedience and on Tuesday we will mobilize before the headquarters of the former ministry,” Suarez said.

Since 357 journalists were fired on June 26, the standard of reporting has reached a new “low journalistic quality,” Nicolas Roggero, one union representative, said.

"The super classic Boca-River, for example, was broadcast without photos of its own and the Boca-Colon party on Sunday had no chronicle since the service was closed at 16," he said.

Due to the loss of nearly 50 Telam correspondents, news coverage in over 15 provinces has suffered, said former Telam journalist Cecilia Aldini.

Forty percent of Telam’s staff were dismissed over three months ago with no apparent cause and without previous legal procedures. Since then, workers, social organizations, unions and opposition lawmakers have demanded they be reinstated.

Labor Judge Ricardo Tatarsky ruled in August that the journalists’ dismissal was illegal because the state agency failed to follow the usual method outlined in a crisis prevention plan, which provides security for employees. However, local media report that Telam managers continue to refuse to meet with workers.


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