Argentine Communist Party Leader Patricio Echegaray Dies at 70


A historic leader within the Argentine and Latin American left and General Secretary of the Communist Party of Argentina, Patricio Echegaray, died on Wednesday, August 9th at the age of 70 after a several week long hospitalization.

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“The President of our party, Patricio Echegaray, died today, August 9th, at 70 years,” the Communist Party of Argentina said in a statement on its website. “We must emphasize that the life of Patricio has been a life of dedication and commitment with the revolutionary horizon for our country and the world.”

He was born on October 17th, 1946, in the San Juan Province of Argentina.

He has been the General Secretary of the Communist Party since 1989, having before been the General secretary of the Young Communist group and a student leader. His leadership has been marked by close internationalist relationships with revolutionary processes around the continent, including in Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, and El Salvador.

Joyful and always fighting. Until victory forevor, comrade Patricio Echegaray.


“His has been the the life of a selfless internationalist, that always offered solidarity to every people that needed it, to every revolutionary process that opened on the continent, and he never hesitated for a second to commit himself with militancy,” the Communist Party statement read.

According to the Party, he was “actively involved in the revolutionary and integrative processes in Latin America, such as the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua and El Salvador, the struggle of the FARC-EP in Colombia, the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, and solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, where he forged a solid friendship and political collaboration with Fidel Castro.”

During Argentina’s military dictatorships, he faced persecution and imprisonment, and was twice tried and condemned by the anti-communist law.

In recent years he has led his political bloc to support Kirchnerism against the rise of right-wing neo-liberal forces in Argentina. He served as a legislator in the city of Buenos Aires during the year 2000 through the Izquierda Unida (United Left) coalition.

He served in his role as general secretary until very recently, when a “prolonged illness” forced him to relegate his duties.


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