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A B.C. woman has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Air Transat alleging the airline ruined her wedding last month by misrepresenting flights as non-stop.

The airline, operated by Montreal-based tour company Transat A.T., fraudulently misrepresented efforts designed to increase ticket prices and reduce costs by using “sub-standard aircraft,” Vancouver law firm Rosenberg Kosakoski LLP said Wednesday. 

The law firm said Air Transat advertised direct flights that typically garner higher prices. However, the aircraft ultimately made stops that were not disclosed to passengers until the plane was airborne, it alleged.

The class action was filed in B.C. Supreme Court by Jessica Spencer, a 33-year-old accountant from Victoria, on behalf of herself and other passengers.

Spencer alleges Air Transat’s actions ruined her dream destination wedding.

The proposed class action hasn’t been tested in court. In order to proceed, it has to be certified by a judge.

Transat couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

The airline has been the focus of other passenger complaints this week.

The class-action suit comes as the Canadian Transportation Agency held a hearing Wednesday involving passengers who complained of being trapped for hours aboard two Air Transat jets earlier this summer in sweltering heat with a lack of water and facing the stench of vomit in the cabin.

Christophe Hennebelle, the airline’s vice-president of corporate affairs, offered an apology to passengers, saying the hearings showed the complexity of the situation on July 31.

Both planes were originally bound for Montreal — one from Brussels, the other from Rome — but were forced to divert to Ottawa due to weather conditions. They were among about 20 other planes that couldn’t land in Montreal or Toronto during a two-hour window.


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