Grab said it is giving the baby boy free rides for life, after he was born in a Grab vehicle en route to a hospital.

When it comes to the birth of a child, most couples have it planned down to the last detail. But when fate intervenes, things may not always go as smoothly.

Fortunately for one pregnant woman who was travelling in a Grab car, her story had a happy ending when she went into labour en route to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

On Thursday (Aug 3), Grab driver Grace Nesamani Raju, 45, picked up the heavily pregnant woman, who was accompanied by her husband and a female friend.

Travelling from Bukit Bintang to Sentul Medical Centre, the passenger was on her way to a check-up as the baby was only due to be born next week.

But just when they were caught in heavy traffic, she heard screaming.

Ms Raju, who has driven full-time with Grab for nearly four months, told The Star: “She said she could feel the water breaking, and she really could not stand the pain, so she was screaming and screaming.”

Left without a choice, Ms Raju wove through rush-hour traffic and shortened the normally hour-long drive to one that took only 30 minutes.

“The minute I stopped the car at the (hospital) entrance, the baby was already out, right in front of the hospital,” she added.

On Saturday (Aug 5), the ride-hailing company took to its official Facebook page to congratulate the new mother on the birth of her son.

In addition, Grab announced that her baby would be given a lifetime worth of free Grab rides “to celebrate this joyous event”.

And what of the driver who navigated peak hour traffic to safely bring the couple to the hospital in no time?

According to the post, Grab is also “preparing something really special” for Ms Raju.

The day after the birth (Aug 4), Ms Raju received an unexpected call from Grab which conveyed sincere thanks from the family.

“I’m really happy because I helped save two lives – be proud of Grab drivers! All glory to God,” she said in a quote carried by The Star.



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