Background check blocked alleged killer from buying gun: report


A Tennessee man who allegedly killed his former boss with a hatchet attempted to buy a gun days before the incident, but was blocked from doing so by the state’s background check system, WZTV in Nashville reported.

Domenic Micheli, who police say killed his former boss Joel Paavola at a gym last week, tried to buy a firearm from a dealer ahead of the incident, according to the tv station.

However, red flags came up in his background check and he wasn’t allowed to buy the gun, WZTV reported. 

Micheli was arrested by the Secret Service outside the White House in April.

Gun control advocates have long pushed for universal background checks for gun sales, arguing the measures could prevent people who pose a danger to themselves and others from getting firearms.

Gun control re-emerged in the national conversation earlier this year after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. 

Lawmakers initially pushed to take action on gun laws following the shooting, but legislative measures have since stalled.

The White House released a proposal to make schools safer after the shooting, including a push for states to provide firearms training for school employees.


USA News


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