Bill O’Reilly sued for violating harassment settlement after disparaging his victims


Bill O’Reilly’s most dangerous enemy: his own mouth.

We’ve had almost nothing but bad news in America lately, but here’s a bit of pointless good news: ex-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who finally got himself canned after a decade of sexual harassment allegations and settlements that Fox News could no longer, after the Roger Ailes debacle, cover up, is being sued by one of his victims all over again.

[Rachel Witlieb Bernstein’s] Her attorneys said in the lawsuit that O’Reilly and the network violated non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses in their 2002 settlement agreement with Bernstein, which stated that if asked about the case, they “may say only ‘The matter has been resolved (or settled)’, without elaboration.” […]

The lawsuit states that O’Reilly’s remarks portrayed Bernstein in a “false light” and “disparaged her character, in fact calling her a liar and an extortionist.”

See, that’s the thing about these hush-hush sexual harassment settlements. If you want to keep your perverted behavior under the table, dodging a lawsuit against you by agreeing to pay your victim compensation and keeping your foul mouth shut about the incident, there’s generally a clause saying if you start spouting off about your victim, calling her a “liar” or otherwise impugning her character on national damn television or to the press, your victim gets to come back and sue your pathetic, lying, possibly-drunken ass all over again.

Bill O’Reilly has never met a problem his mouth couldn’t make worse, so here we are.


USA News


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