Bolivia: Evo Morales 'First President To Publish Bank Accounts'


Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has become the world’s first head of state to publish the details of his bank account online, the government claimed Thursday.

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Morales agreed to the publication of his accounts as an act of transparency and accountability, at a time when many leftist Latin American leaders have been dragged into trumped-up corruption scandals by right-wing opposition forces.

The State Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) confirmed Thursday that all of the president’s accounts had been made public online.  

FIU Director Teresa Morales, in publishing Morales’ financial statements from when he first took office in 2006, said: "He is the first president of the world who will have his accounts published on the Internet."

Vice-President Alvaro Garcia also agreed to waive the financial confidentiality normally afforded to individuals and legal entities in Bolivia, whether local or foreign, except in cases of suspected corruption.

The lifting of secrecy will remain in place until the two men – who requested the same conditions during their 2009 campaign – complete their terms in office.

Bolivia is due to hold its next general elections in 2019, and Morales has already been authorized by a Constitutional Court to run for a fourth term.


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