Bolivian Women Reject Patriarchy in Patriotic Agenda Proposals


Bolivians from women’s rights Confederation of Indigenous, Native and Campesina Women (“Bartolina Sisa”) are creating list of proposals to overthrow patriarchy in government, said leader Segundina Flores on Wednesday.

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The two-day convention begins Thursday and women rights activists from across the country will arrive in the capital to deliver their demands to President Evo Morales.The hope is that they will be incorporated into the 2025 Patriotic Agenda and the Economic Plan of Social Development.

“We are inviting the many women, both elected and appointed authorities, as well as ex-leaders and ex-official, the city and the entire department – there are going to be many women reviewing some very important issues," Flores said.

"Today, women are thinking of better days for our Bolivia, for our homeland that needs and should prepare depatriarchalization proposals to deliver to our country and improve development," said Flores.

According to Estefania Morales, the vice-minister of Equal Opportunities, the demands are a collaborative effort by women from nine departments. They target shared concerns over political, social, economic, cultural, communication, equality, justice, and gender violence issues.


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