Bolivia's Evo Morales: 'Capitalism Will Divide, Steal From Us'


Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has denounced plans by the Chilean oligarchy to destabilize the country after the Hague’s ruling on sea access.


Bolivia’s Morales to Dispute World Court Decision on Sea Access

“After the October 1 ruling, the Chilean oligarchy wants to destabilize and divide us so we forget about the sea, but Bolivia will never give up on its sea claim,” Morales posted on Twitter.

The president also warned of an “open” conspiracy between the Chilean oligarchy and Bolivia’s right-wing political sphere.

“Capitalism wants to divide us to dominate us and dominate us to steal from us. The Bolivian right has the right to unify, but it must not be an instrument of the Chilean oligarchy. Allying with the Chilean oligarchy is treason to the motherland.”

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled against Bolivia’s petition to discuss access to the Pacific Ocean with Chile, based on historical diplomatic commitments.

"It is not over: even if the court has decided it will not accompany the maritime claim, just as it has accompanied almost every nation in the world, the multilateral world, like former members or secretaries-general of the United Nations like Kofi Annan, rest in peace." said Morales.

"That will continue because it is a boisterous demand from the people of Bolivia. Just think about it. I’m not sure the court understands this."

On Tuesday, Morales announced he would write a letter to the ICJ to highlight contradictions in its ruling.

Bolivia surrendered most of its former coastline to Chile in a 1904 treaty following the War of the Pacific.

The Andean neighbors have held occasional talks about a possible corridor to the sea for Bolivia ever since, but judges said that did not create any obligation for Chile to actually negotiate one.


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