Bolivian President Evo Morales has spoken out against the "lies and conspiracies" of small right-wing parties controlled by the nation’s opposition during a ceremony to celebrate the cultural use of coca.

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The Indigenous head of state said Thursday that certain sectors controlled by minority parties have been fabricating the existence of social upheaval in Bolivia, hijacking protests against the new Penal Code for political gain.

"I heard in some media that there is an uprising in the country," Morales told the assembled crowds in Plaza Murillo during the Day of the Acullico celebrations, which mark the reclamation of coca in 2013 as a cultural and ancestral practice.

"Small groups that always conspire are divided; we have always lived with a permanent conspiracy, with so many lies. Now they are using the Penal Code to lie and lie."

Morales made explicit reference to what he called the campaign of lies launched on February 21, 2016, when a ‘No’ vote was imposed during the re-election referendum.

The president went on to say that Bolivian right-wing lacks any clear government program, relying on one strategy alone: to warp the truth.

Morales recommended social organizations use the media as a strategy to defeat the opposition. "We also have to use the media: we must use social networks, Twitter and Facebook to defeat the lackeys of the West, of the United States, it is our responsibility," he said.





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