Bolivia's Morales to Dispute World Court Decision on Sea Access


Bolivian President Evo Morales said Tuesday he would write a letter to the International Court of Justice to highlight "contradictions" in the court’s decision over Bolivia’s claim to access to the Pacific Ocean.

Bolivia’s Maritime Claim: Battle to Undo 139-Year-Old Conquest

"I am going to personally send a letter pointing out the contradictions of the considering parties and their decision to not follow through with justice for Bolivia. First of all, how could the court make itself impartial or, with some group. You all know very well where this injustice comes from — from an invasion."

The ICJ on Monday ruled landlocked Bolivia cannot force Chile to negotiate over granting it "sovereign access" to the sea.

"It is not over. Even if the court has decided it will not accompany the maritime claim, just as it has accompanied almost every nation in the world, the multilateral world, like former members or Secretaries-General of the United Nations like Kofi Annan, rest in peace. Important people and presidents. That will continue because it is a boisterous demand from the people of Bolivia. Just think about it. I’m not sure the court understands this."

Bolivia surrendered most of its former coastline to Chile in a 1904 treaty following the War of the Pacific. The Andean neighbors have held occasional talks about a possible corridor to the sea for Bolivia ever since, but judges said that did not create any obligation for Chile to actually negotiate one.


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