Boris Johnson ‘shudders’ to think of Corbyn entering Downing Street


With just two days to go before the vote and polls narrowing between Labour and the Conservatives, Boris Johnson will tell voters the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn entering No 10 makes him “shudder”.

The foreign secretary is to give a campaign speech in the North East on Tuesday, hoping to galvanise Conservative supporters to turn out and vote.

Polls vary but a some put Labour and the Conservatives almost neck and neck, leading Mr Johnson to raise the prospect that the Conservatives could lose their Commons majority.

“It makes me shudder to think that we could seriously be about to elect a Corbyn-led coalition that would impose destructive new taxes on businesses, on homes, on gardens – at the very moment when we could be about to go forward with Global Britain,” he will say.

“This is the moment to believe in the huge potential of Brexit Britain. Let’s get Brexit done. Let’s get Brexit right. Let’s believe in Britain.

“And let’s work for the next 48 hours to make sure our negotiations are led by Theresa May and the Conservatives.”

Labour, however, is keen to turn the election away from Brexit and onto Tory cuts.

Analysis released by the party suggests Tory plans to means-test winter fuel allowance for pensioners could lead to 3,850 additional deaths over the winter.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said: “Re-electing the Tories will represent the single biggest attack on pensioners in a generation in our country.”


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