Brazil: Street Dweller in Critical Condition After Viral Video Beating


An elderly homeless man has been left in critical condition after two women beat him at a motorcycle taxi stop in Brazil’s Federal District capital. The attack, which lasted for roughly eight minutes and captured on a video surveillance camera, including punches, kicks and the tossing of a chair at the victim who did not fight back or defend himself.

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Several motorcyclists who were on the scene and witnessed the attack did not intervene.

While the civil police reported that the victim was an elderly man, the police chief in charge of the investigation said the two women said that he “messed with them” and that’s why they started beating him.

However, witnesses said the women arrived on the scene beating the man and that the attack was motivated by the fact that he is homosexual. Other witnesses who gave testimony noted that the man maintains good social interaction with nearby residents and that he spends his days collecting discarded aluminum beverage cans to sell.

The adult woman who participated in the brutal attack was indicted by the police on charges of attempted murder and remains in jail. She previously had a criminal record of assault and threats. The minor involved in the beating was taken to the Child Police Station.

Brazil’s Federal District, like other major cities, presents a long history of homeless people being attacked and beaten. Late last month, two men were arrested, charged with beating a homeless person on Paranoa street.

One of the most notorious cases was the fatal beating of 16-year-old Marco Antonio Velasco by ten youths in 1993.


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