Brazilian Diplomat Sacked for Repeatedly Assaulting Girlfriend


Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Relations has sacked 41-year-old diplomat Renato de Avila Viana after he was charged with assaulting his most recent girlfriend. He was detained for a brief period in Brasilia but released shortly after paying bail of approximately USD$248.

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Security officials were alerted by neighbors about the domestic violence incident taking place at a residential building in the Plano Piloto complex late Wednesday. Officials said they received reports of a woman screaming for help, and made a forced entry before detaining the diplomat. He was charged with domestic violence, bodily injury, and failing to comply with police officers. 

Avila Viana is a repeat domestic assualt offender — several former girlfriends have made similar complaints. He was the defendant in a previous internal case involving a woman he had beaten. On a separate occasion, he was charged with assaulting a female diplomat in Brazil and there are documented incidents of him committing violence against females in other countries.

Commenting on the case on condition of anonymity, several colleagues said Avila Viana’s "outstanding professional conduct" has saved him from tougher sanctions in the past.

Before being sacked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Avila Viana held the title of general sub-secretary of Africa and the Middle East, earning approximately USD$5,700 dollars per month.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs published an official statement saying that the institution is against any type of violence and that the case is currently under investigation.


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