Brazilian Presidential Candidates Debate Ahead of Elections


Brazil’s presidential candidates are participating in a debate in Sao Paulo at the National Shrine of Aparecida Thursday evening ahead of the nation’s October 7 elections.

Brazil: PT Candidate Fernando Haddad Widens Support, Now in 2nd Place

Among those attending the debate are Fernando Haddad (Workers Party- PT), Geraldo Alckmin (Brazilian Social Democracy Party- PSDB),  Alvaro Dias (Podemos), Ciro Gomes (Democratic Labour Party- PDT), Guilherme Boulos (Socialism and Liberty Party- PSOL), Henrique Meirelles (Brazilian Democratic Movement- MDB) and Marina Silva (Network).

Candidates Jair Bolsonaro (Social Liberal Party- PSL) and Cape Daciolo (Patriot) were excused due to health complications and agenda incompatibility, local media reports.

The three-hour conference which began at 9:30 pm local time, being mediated by journalist Joyce Ribeiro and the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB).

"Our intention is that they relate to values such as respect for human rights… promoting the common good, and a guarantee to uphold democracy," said Archbishop Leonardo Ulrich Steiner, auxiliary bishop of Brasília (DF) and secretary general of the CNBB.

This will be Haddad’s first presidential debate as representative of the Workers Party since he was officially chosen to replace former president and presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The Workers Party candidate’s popularity has grown in the last weeks with the latest polls showing a jump of three points, placing him second to far-right PSL candidate, Bolsonaro.


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