Cartoon: The Trumps – Donald called in to see his boss, D’oh!


FOR THE KIDS IN YOUR LIFE, AND THEIR SUMMER READING:  Get Ruben Bolling’s hit book series for kids, The EMU Club Adventures.

“The type of non-stop action and improbably hilarious fun that only a kid could dream up. … The EMU Club’s adventures perfectly capture the intersection of imagination and wonder – the crossroad that’s so often found in cardboard boxes, pillow forts and backyards everywhere.”  -GeekDad

“The funniest book about unbelievable kid mystery exploring I’ve ever read. The only real mystery is why you aren’t reading this book RIGHT NOW!”  -Elliott Kalan, former Head Writer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Get Book the First, “Alien Invasion in My Backyard,” here.  

Get Book the Second, “Ghostly Thief of Time,” here.

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