Colombia: ELN Ready to Resume Dialogue Immediately


The National Liberation Army (ELN) of Colombia announced today that it is willing to immediately begin the fifth cycle of talks with the government to find agreements that reduce the intensity of the conflict.

The insurgent force stressed through a statement its willingness to agree on a new and better ceasefire as soon as possible.

In the declaration circulated via social networks, the ELN mentioned the meeting held in Quito last Friday and Saturday with representatives of different Colombian organizations: ethnic, peasant, communal, gender, ecclesial and human rights and peace platforms.

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The guerrilla group applauded this initiative and urged a more active and active role of Colombian society "in the construction of peace exits and in the process of talks that we are currently carrying out with the government."

The ELN statement comes at a time of crisis of the negotiating agenda, due to the escalation of the conflict between the parties after the expiration of the bilateral truce agreed between October 1 and January 9.

Last weekend the country’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, said that it would be very difficult to resume talks with the guerrillas, after a chain of attacks immersed in the context of the so-called national armed strike.

The insurgency decreed an armed strike between February 10 and 13, in which he called on the population to avoid mobility on roads and other roads in the national territory "to avoid inconveniences".

In fact, a series of attacks on road and oil infrastructure that have occurred in the last 72 hours have been attributed by the authorities to the ELN.


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