Colombia Will Host 2019 World Anticorruption Summit: Interpol


Colombia will be hosting the 2019 World Anti-Corruption Summit and could be Interpol’s training base on the continent, the international police agency confirmed Monday.


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General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, director of the Judicial Police and Interpol told El Tiempo, “The World Anti-Corruption Summit will be held in Colombia next year. The central theme will be the persecution of the capitals of officials who have an arrest warrant for corruption. This is very good news for the country, because it is a recognition of the work carried out, and this was confirmed…Interpol.”

According to Interpol General Secretary, Jürgen Stock, Colombia is an “authority” on anti-cybercrime, human trafficking, and environmental crime programs and can be an example to the other 192 member countries in their policing initiatives.

International representatives will learn to, “identify the new methods of concealment of the extracted capital, how they are laundering the capital and locating the possible licit businesses (companies, associations) that may have been set up in other countries to launder the money.”

Officials say Colombia is a top contender for continent’s Interpol headquarters due to regional relations.

Valencia said, “We exchange information permanently with some 30 countries…We agree that we will meet frequently in Bogota and in countries of the Americas to structure the joint strategies and analyze (anti-crime) results."

The decision triggered static across social media with many pointing out Colombia’s long history of corruption and fraud, as well as the hundreds of social leaders being killed off in impunity across the nation’s rural regions.


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