Cristina Fernandez Wins Primaries in Buenos Aires for Senate


Following the official final vote count released Tuesday Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner won the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina’s primary elections for National Senator in her race in the Citizen’s Unity coalition.

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The results indicate that Fernandez received 20,324 votes more than Esteban Bullrich the candidate for the Cambiemos (lets change) coalition of current right-wing president Mauricio Macri. Fernandez won 3,229,194 votes, and Bullrich had 3,208,870, a difference of 0.21 percent.

On Wednesday, Fernandez will hold a party event at La Plata where she will launch her campaign for the general elections as candidate along with party supporters and candidates.. Over 4,000 people are expected to attend, which would make it the largest rally of the former President’s campaign so far.

In total, primary percentages for each of the coalitions and parties places Citizens Unity in the lead at 33.95 percent of the votes over 33.74 for Cambiemos which took a very close second.

El Frente Uno Pais (One Country Front) led by Sergio Massa took a distant third with 15.41 percent, and the Justicialista Front’s candidate Florencio Randazzo took fourth with 5.94 percent.

The Front of the Left and the Workers took only 3.37 percent of the total votes, placing them in fifth.

While provisional results had placed Macri’s coalition in the lead by 0.8 percent, however the official electoral data reversed that expectation.

Official results were not expected to be released until Wednesday, however official sources spoke to various media confirming the victory of Fernandez’s coalition in August’s primaries.


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