Cuban Polls Close, More Than 6 Million Voted


Cuban polling stations have just closed and officials are counting ballots.

Cuba: Electoral Body Prepared For March 11 Polls

Reporting from Havana teleSUR Cuba correspondent, Laura Prada says that the National Election Council of Cuba extended voting hours for approximately an hour to accommodate the island’s eight million voters. They were originally set to close at 5:00 PM local time.

So far, six million Cubans have voted in today’s voluntary and open elections for the 605 deputies to the National Parliament and the 1,265 delegates to the 15 Provincial Assemblies of the National Assembly of People’s Power. Winners will represent their posts for the next five years.

More than 30,000 newly registered youths are voting for the first time in this election cycle, reports Prada.

The National Parliament will choose the 31-member Council of State on April 19, the head of which will be president.

"This is not an end of the revolution or legacy, it’s a continuation," Prada says that many Cubans are commenting.


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