Defense Ministers of Venezuela, Brazil Meet to Reaffirm Ties


The defense ministers of Venezuela and Brazil held a meeting Tuesday to address issues of bilateral interest.

After Venezuelan Defense Minister of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino Lopez met with his Brazilian counterpart Joaquin Silva, the two delivered a press conference in which Lopez warned that "an intervention into Venezuela is an intervention for the entire region, which would be very dangerous for everyone."

The Venezuelan minister indicated that he proposed to his counterpart going to instances that they have shared as peoples within the framework of the Union of South American Nations ( Unasur ), "where Brazil itself promoted the South American defense consensus and preserving the region as an area of peace.”

He stressed that this meeting with the Brazilian Minister of Defense represents peace for regional stability.

For his part, the Brazilian minister explained that the meetings held with the Armed Forces are to raise the level of work meetings between both nations.

"We are united not only by our borders but by the friendship and solidarity of our peoples," said Silva.


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