In east Detroit, a nonprofit known as Detroit Hives, has transformed a vacant lot filled with tires, garbage, and, other debris to accommodate honey bees. This effort has revitalized the neighborhood. There are in total three hives which produce honey for the surrounding homes, this conservation effort is rather necessary seeing as the number of bees globally have been declining.

The reasons being industrial agriculture, climate change, and, lack of forage because of the types of monocultures (singe crop grow in a given space) and bee-killing pesticides being used across the globe. In the US since 2006 there has been a 40% loss of commercial honeybees, 25% loss in Europe since 1985, and, a 45% loss in the UK since 2010. These numbers are frightening, as they should be. We need to all do our fair share. Signing petitions at Green Peace is just the beginning. ( )

We need to stand up to these chemical intensive agricultural giants such as Monsanto and shift our focus towards ecological farming. This is the best way to provide healthy farming practices for our insect families. Detroit Hives is attacking the issue from the side of knowledge as well, starting a beeology program to make urban bee farming a more well known practice within the community. This insures future generation’s will have the wisdom of healthy bee farming practices within the city of Detroit to continue this beautiful trend of saving our planets necessary insects. Much thanks must be given to Timothy Paule and Keith Crispen who are the two fellows who began this beautiful movement. Much love to Green Peace for their efforts globally and Detroit Hives for their efforts locally in the US.

Join the fight, save the planet and the inhabitants within.

Jeremy Del Valle


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