Donald Trump puts on weight and is now technically obese



    Donald Trump has put on some pounds and is now officially considered obese.

    The White House on Thursday released results of his annual physical, revealing that his Body Mass Index is now 30.4.

    That is based on the fact that he’s now carrying 243lb on his 6ft 3in frame.

    People with an index rating above 30 are considered obese.

    Mr Trump’s doctor said the 72-year-old president “remains in very good health overall”.

    Dr Sean Conley reported that the president has gained 4lb since his last exam.

    His resting heart rate is 70 beats a minute and his blood pressure reading was 118 over 80, well within the normal range.

    Dr Conley said Mr Trump’s liver, kidney and thyroid functions are all normal and so are his electrolytes and blood counts.



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