Donald Trump’s Scottish golf club Turnberry bans Irn-Bru


A ban on Irn-Bru at Donald Trump’s Ayrshire golf course has soured relations with some of the club’s members.

Players learned of the ban on the iconic Scottish fizzy drink when staff at Trump Turnberry refused to provide it for a competition.

Staff were said to be concerned about potential spills and stains from the orange liquid.

The course and resort, on Scotland’s east coast, was purchased by The Trump Organisation in 2014, and has since undergone £200 million of renovation work.

Turnberry’s general manager, Ralph Porciani, told the Ayrshire Post: “We can’t have it staining when to replace the ballroom carpet would be £500,000 alone.

“We have villas here with Irn-Bru stains in the carpets which I can’t let.”


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