‘Don’t Associate With Known Dirtbags!’ CNN’s Chris Cuomo Shuts Down Racist Republican Senate Candidate


When far-right candidate Corey Stewart won the Republican primary for this year’s Virginia Senate race this, it guaranteed that the campaign would be fiery and raucous.

And right on cue, the fireworks began Wednesday night on CNN during an interview between Stewart and host Chris Cuomo.

The pair erupted over Cuomo’s questioning of Stewart’s ties to and endorsements from known racists. Stewart made the discussion personal right away, saying Cuomo needed to account for his father’s anti-Semitic statements. 

“My father is dead and buried and was ten times the man you will ever be on your best day!” Cuomo shot back. “So stay comparing yourself to the bigots…”

Later, Cuomo said: “Own what and who you are. … If you want to be intolerant, and be a bigot, and be in front of the Confederate flag…”

“This is such a joke, even for CNN! You know what, CNN ought to fire you, because you are so far above what is honest,” Stewart said.

He went on to say, “I take support from whoever wants to give it to me, that doesn’t mean I support their views, Chris.”

He added that Chris was trying to use “guilt by association.”

“Of course there’s guilt by association!” Cuomo said. “Don’t associate with known dirtbags! And you won’t be guilty of doing that, OK?”

Watch the clip below:


Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.


USA News


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