Dying dog near to completing epic bucket list – including riding a police car and getting married


A dog with terminal cancer is well on his way to completing an epic bucket list of things to do before he dies – thanks to a little help from his family.

Mr Molson, a 12-year-old Golden Retriever, has embarked on a roller-coaster journey in recent weeks by flying a helicopter, riding in a police car and even getting married.

Owner Tim Griffin decided to create the long list of fun activities for his furry companion shortly after he was diagnosed.

Ever since Mr Molson has been living every day like its his last, coaching sports teams, posing for family portraits, going sailing, drinking a beer and being president for the day.

Mr Griffin, 36, and his children, Elliot, eight, and Chloe, 10, now hope the memories are ones that will last with them for ever.

“He has been with me his entire life and after 12 years it’s hard to imagine life without him,” Mr Griffin, of Pennsylvania, USA, wrote.

“But he was diagnosed with cancer in March 2017 and the cold hard reality of pet ownership hit me.

“These beautiful creatures can’t stick around forever.”

Friends helped the family carve out a list of activities for Mr Molson, which have so far taken up most of April, May, June and July.

Mr Molson has now tasted riding a Harley-Davidson, being strapped into the passenger seat of a fire engine and kicking back on a sailing boat.

Among the more relaxing activities, the pooch has enjoyed soaking in a hot tub, taking a concrete mold of his paws and eating breakfast in bed.

Wolfing down a steak dinner, an entire ice cream sundae and enjoying a dog massage have also featured on the list.

Mr Griffin also helped his dog tie the knot with a 14-year-old black Labrador called Josie.

More than 30 smartly-dressed guests attended the ceremony, with the pets being treated to a triple-layer dog biscuit cake.

Divorcee Mr Griffin said: “It has given us the chance to focus on all the happy memories instead of just sitting at home watching him deteriorate.

“If anyone else is thinking about it I would say, ‘Go for it.’ It has been a lot of fun.”

To read more about Molson’s adventures, visit mistermolson.wordpress.com.


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