Eastern Ghouta Experiences suspected chlorine bombing says Syrian Medical Society death toll unknown


Despite there being a United Nations cease fire demand across the state of Syria there is little affect on the ground where death never ceases to be apart of the daily landscape. Government forces of Syria commenced a new round of ground attacks just east of the capital, Damascus. These attacks along with continued aerial bombings have resulted in over 500 deaths just this past week.

Reports came rolling in on Sunday evening of what is thought to be a chlorine bombing attack in Eastern Ghouta. One child losing his life as his father looks on with terror and grief in his heart. 11 other individuals suffered from symptoms such as labored breathing, according to medical staff, which are supported by the Syrian Medical Society. This violence comes just days after a Security Council resolution had been reached on Saturday, with the approval of Syrian backed Russia and the United States who opposes the Syrian government, disappointing to say the least.

Reportedly there were no more than a few hours of calm before Assad backed airstrikes continued to assault the city from two directions. This was not without Rebel mortar shells also falling on the depleted city of Damascus. Nearly 400,000 Syrian civilians living in the East Ghouta are living day to day without the basic necessities. Severe shortages of food and water as well as the lack of lifesaving medical care.

There are a mere 107 doctors with one oncologist to look after and treat the nearly half a million residents of East Ghouta. In many cases, due to the shortage of medical supplies there is not much more that can be done other than diagnose a patient.

Help now by visiting https://help.rescue.org/donate/help-families-trapped-in-syria?gclid=CjwKCAiA_c7UBRAjEiwApCZi8ZSCLBJIdamd286xavy4nTLa4chtScevyTKXawNuSF1Xx9ecHeeFyBoCANMQAvD_BwE

Besides waiting for help, all the citizens of Syria may do now is ask their God/ Gods to help ease their minds in what has become and has been, hell on earth.

Jeremy Del Valle


“Under Siege: The Plight of East Ghouta.” Syrian American Medical Society Foundation, www.sams-usa.net/reports/siege-plight-east-ghouta/.



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