Ecuador: Government Confirms Another Explosion in Esmeraldas, No Injuries Reported


Another explosion was reported Wednesday in the province of Esmeraldas in northwest Ecuador. The explosion is said to have taken place in the early hours of the morning near a bridge in Viche, no injuries have been reported.


Ecuador: 3 Detained After Homemade Bomb Detonated in Esmeraldas, No Deaths Reported

A press release from Ecuador’s Ministry of Communications confirmed the attack and urged calm. The statement also assured that there were no causalities or infrastructural damage.

“The National Government informs that around 01:45 a.m. an explosion was registered around Viche, in the Quininde municipality of Esmeraldas. There were no victims, nor any building was damaged.

The National Police immediately deployed security measures according to officials including the halt of traffic and the arrival of a specialized team to carry out the corresponding investigations.

The mayor of Quininde, Fabricio Tenorio, informed that the road has been reopened and called the population to remain calm.

The province has been the target of a series of bomb attacks and kidnappings in the last months, which the Ecuadorean government has blamed drug cartels.


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