Ecuador's Glas: 'I Am Not Part of the Government, I Am Vice President of the People'


Ecuador’s Vice President Jorge Glas has told teleSUR that he is not part of President Lenin Moreno’s government.

Speaking on the EnClave Politica show, Glas, who was stripped of his duties but not his office by Moreno earlier this month, insisted that he is the country’s constitutional vice president elected by the people.

Glas also denounced what he described as the destruction of his image by the media, "This is an orchestrated process, there is a conspiracy in the style of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, in the end she is innocent of everything but she is no longer president of Brazil."

"I am enduring a fierce attack by the public and private media, especially national broadcasters, who vetoed me and denied interviews and sentenced me," he said.

On Tuesday, Ecuador’s Supreme Court officially linked Glas to a corruption case and barred him from leaving the country.

Last week, the country’s National Assembly voted to authorize his criminal prosecution.

The Vice President had asked the legislators from his party, Alianza Pais, who form the majority of the legislative branch, to vote in favor of allowing the Attorney General’s request to investigate him. 

"There I will prove my innocence. I don’t have anything to hide," Glas said.

He has been implicated by a fugitive former oil minister, Carlos Pareja Yanuzzelli, also known as Capaya, for his alleged involvement with the Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht.


Ecuador’s Vice President Jorge Glas Placed Under Investigation by Court

In the teleSUR interview, Glas maintained that he believes in Ecuador’s institutions and the rule of law, "There is no impunity here, there has not been an event without an investigation."

He also said the previous government of Rafael Correa’s fought corruption during the 10 years of the country’s Citizen Revolution. 

"I am being investigated for an illegal association in the Odebrecht case and now I am linked to corruption, but the process of tax preparation opened yesterday is a judicial process without politicking," the Vice President said, adding, "No judge can sentence an innocent man without proof."



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