Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno has stressed his responsibility to the nation and to the truth during a speech in the southern city of Guayaquil.

Addressing the crowds, Moreno said "The only commitment I have is with my people, with those who voted for me and with those who did not vote, is to tell them the truth, only the truth."


On Thursday, all 74 representatives from Ecuador’s ruling party in the National Assembly, Alianza Pais, issued a call for reconciliation and political unity, after Moreno stripped his vice president, Jorge Glas, of his duties.

Glas said the decision to remove his reponsibilities was "a clear retaliation" by the President for criticising his policies and also blamed pressure from "major businessmen and opposition leaders".

In addition, he said Moreno had handed control of the public energy company to the Bucaram family, headed by the former president Abdala Bucaram, who was ousted from office in 1996 after being charged with corruption.


Moreno was visiting Guayquil to announcement the building of more houses, one of his key election promises, as well as to outline his human development initiative.

He pledged to build 325,000 homes to create an estimated 136,000 jobs per year during his campaign.

Of these, 191,000 units will be provided free of costs to low-income families while the rest would be mortgaged on zero interest loans where the owners would pay between US$20-60 per month.

Glas was also visiting Guayquil at the same time.

He rejected new allegations of bribery linking him with the Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht and said it was another attempt to harm his name.





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