Ecuador's VP Glas Reiterates Innocence in Odebrecht Hearing


Ecuador’s Vice President, Jorge Glas, has delivered a statement at the country’s attorney general’s office regarding his alleged involvement in two cases of corruption related to an oil company and the Brazilian company Odebrecht.

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Glas gave his free and voluntary version, after an investigation by the national comptroller on alleged bribes offered by the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht to Ecuadorean officials and an inquiry for embezzlement in an oil extraction contract in the Singue block, in the Amazon region where more than 20 public officials are said to be involved.

Glas is accused of allegedly being tied to both corruption scandals when he was in charge of the Coordinating Ministry of Strategic Sectors. It is not the first time that Glas renders his version in the Odebrecht process, as he gave a previous statement on Jul. 5, 2017.

In May, the vice president called on the attorney general to extend the investigation into the Odebrecht case, in which his uncle Ricardo Rivera has been detained.

With a strong police guard, several citizens waited outside the office to give their support to Glas as the politician gave his statement.

A week ago, President Lenin Moreno stripped Glas of his responsibilities and removed him from the presidential councils which he was in charge of, including the Committee for the Reconstruction of the areas affected by the deadly earthquake of April 16, 2016.

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This does not mean he will lose his office, which he won in the election three months ago as Moreno’s running mate on the Alianza Pais party ticket. Later, Moreno said he was sorry Glas had alleged connections to both corruption cases.

Moreno’s decision to sideline him followed a statement made by the vice president in which he alleged a deal made by Moreno with former politicians "would lay the foundation for a state of corruption."

Glas, who has rejected the allegations of bribery linking him and has denounced defamation and personal threats by the opposition, insists not a shred of proof has been produced. According to him, it is a campaign to smear him and the work he has done for the country.


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