Election campaigns halted in honour of murdered MP Jo Cox


Britain’s main political parties will all call a temporary halt to their election campaigning on Sunday morning in honour of murdered MP Jo Cox.

In a touching tribute to the former elected representative a so-called “campaign truce” will be called for an hour as party leaders and members alike take time to remember Mrs Cox.

Widower Brendan Cox said the move would “send a powerful message” of unity ahead of the first anniversary of his wife’s death next month.

Mrs Cox, 41, was the MP for Batley and Spen when she was shot and stabbed multiple times by right-wing extremist Thomas Mair – who is serving a whole-life prison sentence for her murder – in her constituency last June.

Known for her passion for bringing people together Mrs Cox famously used her maiden speech in the Commons to say “we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us” – a sentiment her husband hopes other politicians will embrace during the halt in campaigning activities.

Mr Cox said he wanted the coordinated hour long break in campaigning to make people realise “whatever our political disagreements, we really do hold more in common” and at the same time “show a united front against hatred and extremism in all its forms”.

He added: “Elections are huge moments of national importance and deserve to be taken seriously. But we also need to get a better balance.

“We spend way too much time fixated on the areas we disagree with each other and need to create more moments where we come together as a country.”

During the campaign break Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is due to visit an arts centre in Liverpool, Liberal Democrat Tim Farron will attend a community picnic in Kendal, and Green leader Caroline Lucas will be at a church project in Brighton.

The Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green candidates for Mrs Cox’s former constituency will use the time to come together at a farmers event raising money for a special care baby unit in the area.


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