Even As Harvey Drowns Houston, Fox Keeps Smearing Its (Black) Democratic Mayor Turner


Not even a Biblical catastrophe like Hurricane Harvey’s flooding in Houston can stop Fox News from thinking about politics. In this case, the target was Houston’s black, Democratic mayor, Sylvester Turner.

Yesterday, Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt did her best to attack Turner yesterday with an unfounded conspiracy theory. Fortunately, her effort was shot down by guest Rick Perry. Last night, Sean Hannity (Earhardt’s partner in segregation defending) also attacked Sylvester.

On Outnumbered today, after guest Kevin Jackson exploited the Harvey tragedy to take a gratuitous swipe at Hillary Clinton, cohost Trish Regan got into the game by gratuitously prodding jackson to go after Houston Mayor Turner:

JACKSON: I can only imagine getting that forecast and making that debate with your family of do we stay or do we go.

REGAN: Originally, the Houston mayor didn’t necessarily advocate that they leave.

JACKSON: Shame on him.

REGAN: Yes, shame on him.

As I explained yesterday, Turner had legitimate reasons for not ordering an evacuation. But rather than discuss the issue like legitimate, decent-minded pundits – or even like grownups – this crew just stuck with insults.

Watch it below, from the August 29, 2017 Outnumbered, via NewsHound Richard.

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