Evo: Armed Forces Must be Unified in Anti-Imperialism


Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has said that Latin America’s armed forces must be “anti-imperialist,” and called for a unity of the continent’s military power to resist imperialist intervention and interference.

Evo Morales Warns Against US Plan to ‘Recolonize’ Latin America

“We need to build an identity and strategic unity consisting of all the armies in Latin America to prevent the imperialist military complex from destroying our communities. We must be more united than ever and promote an anti-imperialist doctrine,” Morales said.

The remarks came during the 192nd Anniversary ceremony for the Bolivian Armed Forces, held in Kajsina, in La Paz.

He stressed that the continent is facing a crucial moment, when the empire has “lost its modesty,” and is trying to again seize and recolonize the continent, beginning with Venezuela’s massive oil reserves.

In Venezuela, they “try to intervene in order to overthrow the government and then seize their resources under the pretext of democracy, the fight against terrorism and human rights,” the President said.

“That is why I call to defend the homeland, homeland is territory, homeland is natural resources, to defend this land, first of all we must have a great political consciousness of what is defended. To defend our natural resources is to defend the new generations so that they never live in poverty or treat their children as beggars or humiliate them abroad,” Morales said before the Armed Forces of Bolivia.

At the same time as he called for unity in anti-imperialist doctrine and the construction of forces for self-defense, Evo Morales also emphasized the necessity of working together to construct a sovereign and dependent economic model.

“Industrialization is the greatest power to realize the dream of the Bolivian people and to dismantle colonialism and dependence. It is the transition to scientific and technological sovereignty,” Morales said.


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