FARC's Timochenko Released From Colombian Hospital


Rodrigo Londoño, former presidential candidate for Colombia’s Revolutionary Alternative Force for the Commons (FARC) was released from the hospital today following his second open heart surgery within one week.

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"I’ve been released! Now for a coffee on this beautiful afternoon and to keep following the results," Tweeted Londoño, referring to the Colombian legislative elections taking place today.

Doctors at the Shaio Clinic in Bogota who operated on the former commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), said Timochenko was safe to leave the hospital following his “immediate in-hospital recuperation phase.”

FARC party leaders announced last Thursday they were canceling their presidential election bid a day after Londoño, or Timochenko as he is often known, underwent his second open-heart surgery within seven days. While in the hospital he diagnosed with emphysema and had suffered a stroke last July.

Polls have now closed in Colombia’s legislative and primary elections, but major voter irregularities have been reported throughout the country. FARC is guaranteed 10 out of the 268 legislative seats up for grabs, in accordance with the 2016 Peace Accord that Timochenko helped craft.


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