Outrage in Argentina over the killing a 16-year-old student is prompting more demands for tough action from the government to tackle a rise in femicides.

Macri’s Minister Compares Abortion to Femicide, Sparks Outrage

Anahi Benitez, who had been missing for six days, was found dead on Friday, half buried by dirt and leaves, in the Santa Catalina de la Reserva district of the capital Buenos Aires.

Hundreds of activists took to the streets to protest against her killing.

They’re demanding that the government implements effective policies to combat femicides.

Police are investigating the cause Anahi’s death – her naked body showed signs of violence as well as asphyxiation. 

Francisco Leonardo Agostino, her math teacher at a private school in Lomas de Zamora, has been arrested and accused of her murder.

Argentina Protests After Woman Imprisoned for Miscarriage

Every 30 hours, a new case of femicide is reported in Argentina, most of the victims are young women and girls.

In 2016 alone, there were 235 murders.

Friends and relatives of Anahí took part in a march last week from the Antonio Mentruyt School in Banfield to the Municipality of Lomas de Zamora, denouncing the lack of security in the area.

Two days later, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security announced a reward of US$ 17,000 for information about Anahi’s last hours.



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