The photographic exhibition "Fidel: An Intimate Portrait," which includes more than a dozen images captured by his son, Alex Castro, was inaugurated in Havana’s Casa del ALBA Cultural in early August.

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On the upper floor of the institution, Castro presented the images captured through his lens, which depict significant moments and meetings over the last decade between the leader of the Cuban Revolution and world political and cultural personalities.

The exhibition offers visitors an insight into the intimate surroundings of a political figure who always exercise the ethical and intellectual authority that emanated from his experience and personal example.

An experienced photojournalist and artists, Fidel’s son combined both skills, with a particular sensitivity to producing visual testimonies that had a historic and human impact.

Hugo Chavez; Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his wife Mercedes; Frei Betto; Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva; Dilma Rousseff; Cristina Fernandez; and Evo Morales are all captured in dialogue with Fidel regarding common ideas and dreams.

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In portrait after portrait, one can perceive the humanity of the legendary leader who believed that it is possible and essential to struggle against imperialism for the transformation of the world.

Alex Castro thanked those who collaborated in the exhibit, adding that his intention was to present the vitality of his father, offering enduring inspiration.

Teresa Dominguez, acting president of the National Council of Visual Arts, said that the exhibition represented a tribute to the Comandante by cultural institutions and the country’s artistic movement, on the occasion of his upcoming 91st birthday.

Cuba’s Minister of Culture Abel Prieto said at the event, that although Fidel was not physically present, “He is very close to us, sharing the necessary values to face the challenges of now and tomorrow."



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