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The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will take the field for Super Bowl LIII shortly, but it’s not too late to make a bet on the big game. There are literally thousands of ways to wager on the action, starting with the basic point spread—where the final betting line has New England as a two-point favorite—and total—the over/under is currently 55.5 points—and moving into an exhaustive list of props. There are a myriad of exotics available for this title contest, ranging from the opening coin flip that will take place in just a couple of hours all the way to the potential White House visit of the eventual champion in a few months time. Those looking for last-minute picks and predictions or just the complete list of props can find everything they need below.

There’s also countless storylines surrounding the 2019 Super Bowl, with many focusing on the star quarterbacks—Tom Brady of the Patriots and Jared Goff of the Rams—and head coaches, which are Bill Belichick for New England and Sean McVay for Los Angeles. It’s no secret that there is a wide gulf in experience and age between these counterparts, especially with the Pats gearing up for their ninth Super Bowl appearance since the turn of the millennium. The Rams are competing for the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in 17 years, having lost their last championship showdown to this very New England squad as 14-point favorites following the 2001 NFL season. You can get more information on the head-to-head results of these organizations and other fun facts related to Super Bowl LIII in the tables and charts below.

Make sure you are ready for this exciting matchup by taking in all the information compiled in this article. You can dive deeper into the topics by clicking on the links provided, which will take you to more comprehensive articles on the subject. Without further adieu, here’s everything you need to know about the 2019 Super Bowl between the Rams and Patriots:

Super Bowl 2019 Viewing Guide And Final Odds

Date: Sunday, February 3, 2019

Kickoff Time: 6:30 p.m. ET

Watch: CBS

Live StreamCBSSports.com

Matchup (Seed): Los Angeles Rams (No. 2 NFC) vs. New England Patriots (No. 2 AFC)

Point Spread: New England -2

Moneyline: NE -135, LAR +115

Total (Over/Under): 55.5 Points

Super Bowl odds, props, betting info courtesy of BetDSI Sportsbook

Super Bowl LIII Facts

Click here for more information and fun facts for the 2019 Super Bowl

Patriots vs. Rams Head-to-Head Results Since Super Bowl XXXVI

Date  Spread  Result
Feb. 2, 2002 (Super Bowl) NE +14 NE 20 – STL 17
Nov. 7, 2004 (@STL) NE +2 NE 40 – STL 22
Oct. 26, 2008 (@NE) STL +9 NE 23 – STL 16
Oct. 28, 2012 (@STL) NE -7 NE 45 – STL 7
Dec. 4, 2016 (@NE) NE -13 NE 26 – STL 10

Super Bowl Quotes

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is proud of his team’s preparation leading up to Super Bowl LIII (via SportingNews.com):

I think our team has done everything we’ve asked them to do this week. They’ve worked extremely hard, they’ve been focused. They spend a lot of extra time doing things. The Rams are a hard team to prepare for, as we’ve mentioned, and they’ve done a lot to try and put in extra time and preparation for that…The players are playing the biggest game of the year, the biggest game of their life, coaching the biggest game of your life. It’s a great opportunity. You put everything into it that you can and do the best you can.

Rams head coach Sean McVay doesn’t believe he should be considered in the same league as Belichick until he wins some titles (via NYPost.com):

It’s certainly humbling and flattering, but I think more than anything it’s reflection of the success the Rams have had. I think to even be mentioned in the same breath as Coach Belichick, I got a long way to go to even be in that category. He’s done it for so long, so consistently…To play against the Patriots is a great challenge,’’ McVay said. You look at the amount of appearances they’ve had, the consistency at which they’ve operated, it’s not a surprise. They’re a great challenge to prepare for, because they do such a great job, specific to each week. One of the things you consistently hear is good teams don’t beat themselves and they’re a great team because they never beat themselves. A lot of times I’ve heard the phrase ‘more games are lost than they are won in the NFL’ and you never see the Patriots beat themselves.’

New England tight end Rob Gronkowski gave his thoughts on the upcoming showdown against Los Angeles (via Patriots.com):

It’s a great matchup. They’re a good team, a solid team. They’re very talented all around the board. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be a busy week, for sure. It’s going to be a busy work week. We’ve already started with practice today. We’ve got a couple. We’ve got to travel down there. We’ve got all of next week. You’ve got to just stick to it. You’ve got to stay focused and you’ve just got to stick to the grind and keep on working.


Rams signal-caller Jared Goff believes he is ready to shine in the Super Bowl in just his third season since being drafted No. 1 overall (via TurfShowTimes.com):

Yeah, I’m ready. Yeah, ready to go. I think you don’t have a choice. You better get ready (laughs). Ready to go. It’ll be fun. I’m excited. Again, like I said, it’s something that you dream about, you work for. You put in all the work since even before this year. You’re constantly thinking about this game and constantly thinking about getting to this game and having a chance to play in this game and now we have it. Now we have a chance to be world champions and have to prepare our best and get ready to go out there.

Largest Difference Between Ages Of Starting Quarterbacks In NFL Playoff Contests

Tom Brady, now 41 years old, just faced off against 23-year-old Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes in the AFC Championship Game. It was the largest gap in ages between starting QBs in postseason history. Here’s how the age gap between Goff and Brady stacks up with the other largest age differences in the playoffs:

  • 18 years, 1 month: Tom Brady (41) vs. Patrick Mahomes (23)
  • 17 years, 3 months: Tom Brady (41) vs. Jared Goff (24)
  • 16 years, 2 months: Tom Brady (40) vs. Marcus Mariota (24)
  • 15 years, 9 months: Drew Brees (40) vs. Jared Goff (24)

Super Bowl Debuts For Quarterbacks Under 25 Years Old

Jared Goff will be the fourth-youngest starting QB in Super Bowl history at 24 years, 112 days old and the first millenial to start a Super Bowl at his position. Here’s how the rest of his under-25 peers fared in their championship debuts:

Quarterback Age SU/ATS Result
Dan Marino, MIA 23 years, 127 days L (SF 38 – MIA 16, XIX), L (SF -3.5)
Ben Roethlisberger, PIT 23 years, 340 days W (PIT 21 – SEA 10, XL), W (PIT -4)
David Woodley, MIA 24 years, 97 days L (WAS 27 – MIA 17, XVII), L (MIA -3)
Tom Brady, NE 24 years, 184 days W (NE 20 – STL 17, XXXVI), W (NE +14)

Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Super Bowl get-in costs, 2018 vs. 2019TicketCity

Click here to find out more about the cheapest Super Bowl tickets, the most expensive seats at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, suite costs and more

Super Bowl Pro Predictions

Courtesy of Jon Price of SportsInformationTraders.com, click here for a closer look at why the pro handicapper is picking the Patriots to win Super Bowl LIII

Picks: Patriots -2, Under 56

Prediction: Patriots 27 – Rams 24

Super Bowl Prop Betting Info

Click here for more info on betting line movement and the top prop bets for Super Bowl 53

Top-10 Most Bet Props of Super Bowl LIII

  1. Super Bowl MVP
  2. Opening coin toss – heads or tails
  3. Player to score first touchdown
  4. Will the winning team visit the White House
  5. Todd Gurley’s total rushing yards
  6. Will President Trump partake in pregame interview*
  7. Rob Gronkowski’s total receiving yards
  8. Color of the Gatorade shower at end of game
  9. Total number of “Gronk” mentions on-air
  10. Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt during the Super Bowl

Largest Prop Line Movements Since Release

Prop Opening Current
Will Jim Nantz or Tony Romo say dynasty? (Yes) -150 -345
Will the Super Bowl LIII winning team visit the White House? (Yes) -200 -850
Will President Trump take part in pregame interview on CBS? (Yes)* -200 -800
Will President Trump congratulate winning team via Twitter by midnight on 2/3/19? (Yes) -150 -300
Who will Nate Burleson pick to win during CBS pregame show? (Patriots) +120 -145

*This prop has been taken off the board after it was officially revealed that President Trump will be partaking in a pre-game interview with CBS.

Super Bowl Prop Picks

Courtesy of Jon Price, detailed breakdown of these props and other predictions can be found here

Team That Wins The Coin Toss Wins The Game: No (-105)

Coin Toss Outcome Correct: No (-103)

Coin Toss Landing Position: Tails (-103).

Super Bowl Coin Toss Results (Since 2000)

Super Bowl Toss Result Toss Winner Game Result Toss + Game Win
XXXIV Tails Rams St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16 Yes
XXXV Tails Giants Baltimore 34, NY Giants 7 No
XXXVI Heads Rams New England 20, St. Louis 17 No
XXXVII Tails Buccaneers Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21 Yes
XXXVIII Tails Panthers New England 32, Carolina 29 No
XXXIX Tails Eagles New England 24, Philadelphia 21 No
XL Tails Seahawks Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10 No
XLI Heads Bears Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17 No
XLII Tails Giants NY Giants 17, New England 14 Yes
XLIII Heads Cardinals Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23 No
XLIV Heads Saints New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17 Yes
XLV Heads Packers Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 17 Yes
XLVI Heads Patriots NY Giants 21, New England 17 No
XLVII Heads Ravens Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31 Yes
XLVIII Tails Seahawks Seattle 43, Denver 8 Yes
XLIX Tails Seahawks New England 28, Seattle 24 No
50 Tails Panthers Denver 24, Carolina 10 No
LI Tails Falcons New England 34, Atlanta 28 (OT) No*
LII Heads Patriots Philadelphia 41, New England 33 No

*The Patriots lost the initial coin toss, but won the overtime coin toss and won the game.



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