Former Wolves and Bristol City footballer Michael McIndoe to face no action over fraud allegations


Former footballer Michael McIndoe has been cleared of fraud by the police.

The 38-year-old, who played for Coventry City and Bristol City in a 12-year career, was accused of conning household names out of millions of pounds via an investment scheme.

The original accusation of fraud against McIndoe was made in February 2015 to Westminster CID, who deemed it to be a civil matter. However, further allegations were made to police via Action Fraud, which resulted in an investigation..

Eventually McIndoe was interviewed under caution by police from the Falcon Unit in January 2017 in connection with the fraud investigation but the Crown Prosecution Service has decided to take no further action and closed the case.

Speaking to ITV News in October, McIndoe said: “I have never run any kind of investment scheme or Ponzi scheme.

“They were all personal loans, and 80 per cent of them were done through lawyers.”

A number of footballers did appear on a list of creditors during McIndoe’s bankruptcy proceedings, but the former Wolves player refuted claims that hundreds were left out of pocket. Although he did admit taking money from people in the game.

McIndoe battled alcohol addiction to play more than 500 professional games and says he would like to return to football now.


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