Great white shark jumps on fisherman’s boat


A fisherman got a bigger catch than he bargained for when a great white shark jumped into his boat.

Terry Selwood was knocked off his feet and suffered cuts to his right arm when the 9ft shark landed on him on the deck of the power boat.

“I didn’t give it a chance to look me in the eyes. I wanted to get up and get on top of the gunnel because it was thrashing around madly,” Mr Selwood said.

The 73-year-old had to stay on the boat until the coast guard came to his rescue 450 miles north of Sydney.

Coast guard skipper Bill Bates said he misread the danger when Mr Selwood reported his predicament.

“He said, ‘I’m injured, I’ve broken my arm, I’ve got lacerations and there’s a shark in my boat’,” Mr Bates said.

“Often a fisherman will bring a small shark on board, maybe two or three feet, and they’re still ferocious.

“That’s what I was expecting, but I was totally wrong,” he added.

The coast guard later towed Mr Selwood’s boat with the shark into Evans Head just before nightfall.

“We think it was already dead at that stage, but no one was game to put their finger in to find out,” Mr Bates said.

Why the shark flung itself over the motor and into the anchored boat is a mystery.


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