Guard Shoots PT Deputy Candidate in Brazil


On Sunday night, the young lawyer and candidate for deputy for the Workers Party (PT) of Brazil, to which ex-president Lula belongs, Renato Almeida Freitas, was wounded by Military Guards with rubber bullets. clothing and, later, arrested while doing campaign work in Curitiba.

Almeida was distributing pamphlets for his political campaign in the neighborhood of São Francisco, when a group of guards appeared ordering him to leave the place.

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According to witnesses, the young man explained to the officials that he was a candidate for deputy and was carrying out his campaign in a normal manner, which is why he would not retire. At that time, Military Guards shot him at a very close range and hit his hand and his back.

Despite being wounded, the troops took him in custody, at which point the PT militant took advantage of registering a video that went live to his social networks.



"I was not doing anything, I was just panning," he says with difficulty in the audiovisual record while recording his wounds. At this time, Renato Almeida Freitas is in the Cajuru Hospital.



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