A gunman has taken multiple hostages at a shop in Toulouse.

The suspect, who has donned a motorcyclist helmet, stormed the tobacco shop in the southern French city at around 4.20pm.

It is not yet clear what the armed suspect is demanding or who he is, but authorities said it was too early to rule out terrorism as a motive.

Police have surrounded the shop near the Toulouse airport.

The suspect has demanded to speak with a negotiator, according to local French television.

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Police tweeted: “Ongoing police operation on the port plan sector in Blagnac – please avoid the area and respect the perimeter of the security.”

Locals have been told to stay indoors and a crime scene has been set up around the shop.

Robert Texier, who lives locally, said: “It’s worrying. It all happened so quickly.”

He said he was surprised that incident was taking place in what he described as a quiet neighbourhood.

He said the shop had been run for decades by a woman and her daughter, who live in the area.



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